Flooding is one the most common and costliest natural disasters in the United States.  Flooding is excluded in Homeowners and Renters policies and must be purchased separately.  We offer both Primary and Excess Flood Insurance.  Flood policies in a preferred zone can be purchased for as little as $450 for $250,000 in Building coverage and $100,000 in contents.  Call us today to get a quote on your property.  Coverage is available for Home Owners, Tenants, and Landlords.

Coverages typically included

  • Building
  • Contents
Not Included:
  • Damage caused by moisture, mildew or mold
  • Additional living expenses
  • Loss of use
  • Property and belongings outside of an insured building

Primary Flood Insurance

  • Max limit of building coverage is $250,000
  • Max contents coverage is $100,000
  • All policies are government backed
  • Contents only policies are available for renters.
  • A separate policy is typically required for each building on the property

30-Day waiting period applies to all policies except for loan closings.

Excess Flood Insurance

  • Provides coverage on top of the max standard flood limit of $250,000 in building coverage
  • Contents coverage may also be available above the standard limit of $100,000


Getting a quote is quick and easy.  The turn around time is typically within 1 business day.  Make sure you have all required information at hand.  The more information you provide your agent the more accurate your quote will be.

Information Needed

  • Property Information (Construction Type, Square Footage, Roof Shape, Etc.)
  • Coverage Information (Building Limits, Deductibles,Etc.)
  • Personal Information (Your Name, Date of Birth, Etc.)
  • Prior Policy Information ( Claims History, Expiration Date, Etc.)
Submitting an Elevation Certificate may substantially lower your rate.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about obtaining an elevation survey.